The question of what it means to be human has been examined for centuries, by many people from many 

cultures, through the lens of philosophy, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, religion, and the arts, but the 

question has never been definitively resolved.

Discussion prompts

1. What do you think it means to be human? 

2. Generate a list of concerns shared by human beings across time and cultures (e.g. personal safety, justice).

It may help to think first about the concerns you have, as students, as citizens, as friends, partners, parents, 

employees, employers, etc.

3. List different ways human beings record their unique perspectives of the world (e.g. by creating images on 

cave walls, by taking photos, by journaling). 

4. How do you express and/or record your life experiences (e.g. through cave painting, sports, vlogging, 

dance, music, writing, sketching...)?

5. What activities do you engage in that connect you to people from different cultural backgrounds and different 


Below: drawing from Chauvet Cave


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