Wendy C. Ortiz: "The Modern Metropolitan Root Cellar"

Amari Baraka: "Conrad Loomis & the Clothes Ray"
                        "Rhythm Travel" (recording of Baraka's reading)

Allen Ginsberg: "Eight Haikus" (recording of Ginsburg's reading)

PBS Art 21: "Stories" (video featuring artists John Waters, Kara Walker, Kiki Smith, Do-Ho Suh, Trenton Doyle Hancock)

Contemporary international literature: Words Without Borders

Comics, quizzes, stories: The Oatmeal

Elliott Holt: Twitter fiction story

Jamal Cumberbatch: on Krump dancing (HuffPost video)

Hans Christian Andersen: Fairy tales and stories

Isaac Asimov:  "Nightfall"

Tchin: "Rabbit's Wish for Snow" (Narragansett tale)

Narragansett Indian Tribe

Haudenosaunee or Iroquois nation dances and songs

Oneida Indian nation: legends

NY Times: 2013: "The Year in Interactive Storytelling"

Korakrit Arunanondchai: "Painting with History in a room filled with men with funny names" (video)

Kristi Lane Sinclair: "The Sea Alone" (song)

Poetry Out Loud

Helen Mort: performing poems based on ghost stories from around Yorkshire, England (video)

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