"Everything we do is music."   
  -John Cage

Museum of Modern Art's exhibition There Will Never Be Silence: Scoring John Cage's 4'33" 

Seattle's premier punk-rock, yoga nidra marimba artist Erin Jorgensen 

Seattle marimba artist Memmi Ochi 

Seattle-based musician, composer, writer, and comedian Ahamefule J. Oluo 

Seattle composer, musician, and performance artist Jose Bold 

Cutting edge performance art in Seattle: On the Boards 

WHAT'S UP! Bellingham's Music Magazine

Bellingham Festival of Music: celebrating classical music

The Stranger (click on "Things to do" then follow the "Music" link)

Whatcom Community College: Music 

Western Washington University's Music Department 

University of Washington's School of Music 

EMP (Seattle): Experience Music Project 

NPR's World Café 

Composer Philip Glass 

Composer Frederic Rzewksi's The People United Will Never Be Defeated! 

Hip hop artist Akala   

Haudenosaunee dances and songs 

Django Reinhardt: swing and jazz manouche 

Rufus Wainwright: Live at the Fillmore 

Hammer Dulcimer: History and Playing 

Students interested in a musical creative project may find inspiration in these major to minor key song renditions by Chase Holfelder:

For minor-key songs rendered in major, take a look at Peter Weber's article in The Week:

Oleg Berg, from Ukraine, re-worked Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" in minor-key:  


Famoso impermeable azul // Famous Blue Raincoat

from Songs by drawings, homenaje a Leonard Cohen
a collection of one hundred illustrations by Alfredo González (editor Pedro Tabernero, Spain

Richard Harris "MacArthur Park"


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