COURS pour intermédiaires

Prerequisite: Basic French Conversation or instructor permission

Comfortable communicating in the present tense? Then join us to learn and practice new verb tenses in this relaxed,

conversation-based class. The program is flexible, to address specific grammar and vocabulary needs of class participants.

Pre-requisite: Basic Conversational French or instructor’s permission.


Intermediate French Conversation COURSE DESCRIPTION

Intermediate French Conversation helps you improve your listening and speaking skills, intonation, pronunciation, and most 

importantly, it helps you expand your linguistic comfort zone.

We use practical, real-life contexts to study and practice essential grammar concepts while building confidence and fluency.

The course is taught primarily in French, but OF COURSE you are welcome to use English to ask questions or clarify

points. Convivialité et bonne humeur au rendez-vous ! 

Course Outcomes

Class members learn and practice vocabulary in the context of everyday interactions; improve their pronunciation and 

intonation in French; learn to use the future tense, the conditionnel mood, and basic object pronounsand build confidence 

in their listening comprehension and speaking skills.

Course activities include short readings to work on pronunciation, intonation, and fluidity, and to build useful vocabulary. 

The readings also serve as a springboard for conversation in French.

Study tool requirement: Le Petit Nicolas et les copains (Jean-Jacques Sempé / René Goscinny)

Study tool recommendations (not required)

Duolingo (app)

Communication progressive du français, niveau intermédiaire


St-Guilhem-le-désert (Hérault)



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