HUM106 Fall 2017 


Course description

HUM106B is a supplemental course to HUM101B. It requires students to attend three (3) artistic events, exhibits or performances that take place in the local community, and to write a critical review-personal reaction paper for each event or exhibit. The reviews must conform to the evaluative criteria indicated in the HUM101 syllabus. The three reviews required for HUM106 are in addition to the review required for HUM101. Therefore HUM106 students will be writing a total of 4 artistic review papers.

Papers are graded as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. However, since you receive an overall letter grade for HUM106, be attentive to the quality of your writing. All reviews must be satisfactorily completed to earn credit for HUM106. If one of your papers is judged unsatisfactory, you have one week to rewrite it and resubmit it to your instructor. 

Each review must be based on a different artistic category and only one review may treat mass media or popular culture. Vary the types of events, exhibits and performances you attend. If your first paper discusses a play you attended, your other papers may not be based on a theatre event. Only one of your HUM106 reviews may be based on a movie screening; the movie must be showing currently at a local cinema, on campus or in a public forum. Reviews based on a movie you’ve seen in the past or at home are not accepted. 

Contact your instructor if you would like a sample critical review from a past HUM101-HUM106 class.


WCC’s core learning abilities (CLAs) – quantitative literacy, information literacy, communication, critical thinking, and global consciousness – are skills taught and reinforced throughout the WCC curriculum. These skills are integral to students’ professional and personal lives. HUM106 will give you the opportunity to practice and develop information literacy, communication, critical thinking, and in some cases (depending on your choice of events) global awareness.


Students who successfully complete the requirements for HUM106 will be able to translate in-class HUM101 skills to critical engagement with artistic events and exhibits in the local community, analyze several types of artistic media, communicate effectively in writing their interpretive and personal perspectives of an artistic experience.


WCC is committed to maintaining an environment in which every member of the college community feels welcome to participate in the life of the College, free from harassment and discrimination. We welcome people of all races, ethnicity, national origins, religions, ages, genders, sexual orientations, marital status, veteran status, abilities and disabilities. Toward that end, faculty, students and staff will treat one another with respect and dignity; promote a learning and working community that ensures social justice, understanding, civility and non-violence in a safe and supportive climate; and influence curriculum, teaching strategies, student services and personnel practices that facilitate sensitivity and openness to diverse ideas, peoples and cultures in a creative, safe and collegial environment.


DUE DATES for your three HUM106B reviews:

1. Monday October 2

(Monday Oct. 30: HUM101 Artistic Review due)

2. Monday November 6

3. Monday November 27

Figure 1: L'AMOMALI


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