700 word minimum each paper

This assignment is designed to give you the opportunity to express in writing what you think about a specific reading or work

of art that we cover in this class. Other subjects are not accepted. 

Your paper must have structure, focus, clarity, vocabulary appropriate to a scholarly paper, and correct English grammar. 

A critical analysis is a not a research paper. It must include the following (not necessarily in this order): 

1. basic information such as title, artist/author, medium, date and country of creation; 

2. an analysis of the work;

3. a discussion of how and why the work did or did not engage you. 

Papers must be submitted as hard copies.

Gaullaudet University's website has posted an excellent guideline for writing a critical analysis of a painting. Read it here. 

For guidelines for writing a critical analysis of piece of literature, visit these two sites: Goshen College and OWL.

To read examples of Critical Analysis papers fulfilling the assignment requirements, click the 2 pdfs below.

CriticalAnalysis_sample-paper.pdf CriticalAnalysis_sample-paper.pdf
Size : 51.583 Kb
Type : pdf
Sample_CriticalAnalysis-PersonalReaction.pdf Sample_CriticalAnalysis-PersonalReaction.pdf
Size : 37.816 Kb
Type : pdf
Sample_CriticalAnalysis.pdf Sample_CriticalAnalysis.pdf
Size : 3237.978 Kb
Type : pdf


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