French language instruction

Customized for your level and your goals

On-line lessons via Skype

On-site lessons available where feasible

Flexible scheduling

Per lesson rates:
  • $52 USD per one hour session
  • $48 USD per 45 minute session
  • $32 USD per 30 minute session

Lower rates offered for small groups of 3-8 participants and for long-term programs.

For more information, please contact   


et bonne humeur 

au rendez-vous ! 

Above: completed board of a small-group scrabble game 

We play Scrabble in teams, 
and consider the game a success if participants:

1. speak French while playing,
2. try to open the board when placing a new word, 
the goal being to eventually cover the entire board 
before running out of letters.

Photo by D. Garrett


                                                     La Camargue                                                                                                                                   Sur la D-20 


 Gun sireadh gun iarraidh...Without seeking, without asking...on ne va nulle part.


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