700 word minimum

Movie reviews do not fulfill this assignment.

To fulfill this assignment:

1. Attend a local performance event or view a local exhibit in the arts and humanities. Possible types of events: a visual

   arts exhibit of painting or sculpture (galleries, museums, public parks, WCC campus); live theatre, improvisational or

   stand-up comedy, live dance, live vocal and/or instrumental music; public festivals and events that highlight creative 

   endeavors; sculpture parks such as Bellingham’s Big Rock Garden Park on Sylvan Street; the Tulip Festival; the

   Farmers' Market; Art Walk...

2. To begin your review, identify key elements: What was the event? Where was it? When was it? Who created it? Who 

   participated in it? How was it executed? Etc.

3. Then give an overall account of the event and relate your reactions to it: What did you see, hear, feel? How did it

    stimulate or not stimulate you? 

Reviews must be submitted as hard copies.

To read examples of Artistic Event Reviews that fulfill the assignment requirements, click on the pdfs below.


Example of Artistic Event Review_HUM101.pdf Example of Artistic Event Review_HUM101.pdf
Size : 31.392 Kb
Type : pdf
Rock Garden.pdf Rock Garden.pdf
Size : 45.323 Kb
Type : pdf


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